About Evil Water

       Our town’s name, Parowan, is a Paiute word meaning “evil waters” and was the name for a local geographical landmark known as the Little Salt Lake. The town’s original name was actually The City of the Little Salt Lake, which is a mouth full and not near as cool. Thank goodness our predecessors changed it.
        As far as the store is concerned, we wanted to provide a retail solution to the good folks of ours and the surrounding communities that satisfied the need to provide quality, curated products for the discerning outdoorsman(woman) and shooting aficionado or professional.
        We chose the name, Evil Water Trading Co, because: one, it sounds really cool and it pays homage to the town we love; two, it’s not as cliché as a name with the words “tactical”, “warrior”, and does not evoke imagery of Spartan helmets, Punisher skulls, or the like. We respect our tools, but we don’t take ourselves that seriously.
        We are starting small, so we appreciate all of your patronage, and we hope to grow quickly in order to provide more, and more, quality products we know you’ll love and trust.